About Me

William L. Tatro, the visionary founder of AmericanPsychics-List.com, has led a life as enigmatic and captivating as the subjects his website explores. Born on a crisp autumn morning in 1970 in the quaint town of Sedona, Arizona, William grew up surrounded by the mystic beauty and spiritual allure of the desert landscape. His parents, both educators, instilled in him a profound respect for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity about the world.

From a young age, William displayed an acute sensitivity to the unseen forces around him. He often recounted stories of feeling the energies of the Sedona red rocks and experiencing premonitions that would later come true. His childhood was dotted with such paranormal experiences, which, though initially disconcerting, later became the bedrock of his fascination with the psychic realm.

As a teenager, William was an avid reader and excelled in his studies, particularly in history and literature. He was captivated by the stories of ancient civilizations and their understanding of the psychic and mystical. He also showed a keen interest in technology, often tinkering with computers and gadgets, hinting at his future endeavors.

William attended the University of Arizona, where he majored in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. College was a transformative period for him. He delved deeply into subjects like parapsychology, metaphysics, and the history of psychic phenomena. He also honed his technical skills, which would later prove invaluable in creating his digital platform. It was during these years that he first envisioned a community where people could learn about and connect with credible psychics.

After graduating, William traveled extensively, seeking knowledge and experiences. He visited renowned spiritual sites around the world, from the temples of India to the ancient ruins of Greece, absorbing the diverse psychic practices and beliefs of different cultures. These travels further cemented his belief in the universality of psychic phenomena and the need to bring this knowledge to a broader audience.

In the early 2000s, William settled in San Francisco, a hub for both technological innovation and alternative spiritualities. Here, he began to fuse his two passions: technology and psychic exploration. He met and collaborated with web developers, digital marketers, and, most importantly, psychics and spiritual practitioners. These interactions were crucial in shaping the vision of AmericanPsychics-List.com.

The website was launched in 2005. It was a labor of love, embodying William’s deep knowledge of psychic phenomena and his skill in creating user-friendly digital platforms. The site was designed to be a comprehensive resource, offering visitors information on various psychic practices, profiles of reputable psychics, and a platform for users to share their experiences.

William’s approach was always grounded in respect and integrity. He was aware of the skepticism surrounding psychic practices and was determined to create a space that was both informative and trustworthy. He personally vetted each psychic listed on the site, ensuring their credibility and ethical standards.

Over the years, William has continued to grow and evolve the site, integrating the latest technological advancements and expanding the range of resources available. He has written numerous articles, sharing his insights and experiences, and has become a respected figure in the online psychic community.

In addition to managing AmericanPsychics-List.com, William has been a guest speaker at various conferences and events, discussing the intersection of technology and spirituality. He also hosts a popular podcast, where he interviews psychics, explores paranormal topics, and discusses the latest trends in the field.

William’s journey has not been without challenges. He has faced skepticism and criticism, as well as the daunting task of keeping the website updated and relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape. However, his commitment to his vision has never wavered.

Today, AmericanPsychics-List.com stands as a testament to William L. Tatro’s dedication and passion. It is not just a website but a community that continues to demystify the psychic realm, offering support, knowledge, and connection to those seeking to understand the mysteries of the mind and the universe. William’s journey is a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge, especially of the unknown, is a lifelong adventure, one that he continues with unwavering enthusiasm and an open heart.